Meet the Jones Family

God. Family. Community. Integrity.  That’s how we roll.  

Located at the corner of North Jefferies Blvd. and Bells Hwy in Walterboro South Carolina.  Jones Vacuum Center and Portable Buildings is a family business run with family values and a love for our local community that guides our business everyday.  

When you do business with Rusty Jones and family,  you’re not only getting great service and value, you’re gaining a friend that’s going to take care of you long after the sale.

Drop in anytime for all of your vacuum cleaner and portable building needs and you’ll see why everyone loves doing business with this local favorite business.

South Carolina Vacuums and Sheds

Our Story

Jones Vacuum & Portable Buildings South Carolina

My name is Rusty Jones, owner of Jones Vacuum Center in my hometown of Walterboro, South Carolina.  Walterboro is a small close knit Southern community of about 5000 people and we love it here.  It’s been great place to grow up and now, to raise my children.

It all started back in February 2005, out of work and with a young family to support, I started my business in my home with not much else but a lot of hard work, sweat and a desire to make my family proud.  I began repairing used vacuums, fixing them up and selling them throughout the community.  Folks appreciated my dedication, the quality of my products and my natural ability to offer good old fashioned customer service.   By September of that year, things were going so well that I was able to save enough to open my first store in a very small spot in town.  From there, it was like magic. Word spread.  Customers liked what I offered.  We grew. I’ve always believed that if you treat folks right by giving them a good deal and great service they come back for more,  tell their friends and support your efforts.

Looks like I was right. We’ve moved and grown from our original small location 4 times already.   We’re now located  at 773 N. Jefferies Blvd. in a free standing building with plenty of space inside and out.  And, with the increased land, we began showing and selling portable buildings.  People ask why I opened here and not in a bigger town.  I always say that Walterboro is my home and I wouldn’t want to be any place else.  We love the community, the people and our Southern way of life here in the low country of South Carolina.  Our reputation has spread far and wide.  We now get customers from surrounding communities as far away as Hilton Head Island and Charlotte.

I’ve been blessed. I can’t tell you how thankful we are for our loyal and growing following of customers. We don’t take a “One size fits all” approach to sales.  Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to vacuum cleaners.  When someone comes into Jones Vacuum Center we start off by getting to know your unique needs, your lifestyle and what you expect to get out of your new vacuum cleaner.  We carry dozens of different machines and have them all plugged in so you can actually see the features and how each one benefits your individual needs. If  you go to a big box store, you get a machine in a pretty box with minimal descriptions and off you go.  The clerk that helps you today might sell coffee makers one day and bicycles the next.  They have no training or any idea of what makes one vacuum cleaner perform better than another.  At Jones Vacuum Center we’re the floor care experts.  We not only sell vacuums, we repair the broken ones too.  This gives us a unique insight as to what works, what lasts, what doesn’t, what customers like and what is poor quality for the money.  Spending more doesn’t always mean you’ll get a vacuum that’s better for YOUR needs.  That’s where our professionalism and experience counts.  When you bring home a vacuum from Jones Vacuum Center, we guarantee that it’s the perfect vacuum for your needs without having to spend a fortune. If I had one message to get across to customers that have not shopped with us, it would be that we have vacuum cleaners in everyone’s price range.  Because we are an authorized service center for most major brands, we can offer specials and discounts better than you will find online or at the big box stores.  I want folks to know that not only will they get a better deal from me, if they ever have a problem with their equipment, it’s not the customers problem, its mine.  Customer service is the cornerstone of my business.  Without happy customers our business would never have enjoyed the success that we’ve come to know. We are located in a  freestanding building on N. Jefferies Blvd. and have a large lot which we’ve put to good use selling  portable buildings, carports, and garages.  It’s a strange combination but works.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by and introduce yourself.  Even if you’re not planning on buying a vacuum cleaner or storage shed now.  We love meeting new people and potential customers.  As  I like to say, “If you Say hello to Rusty Jones, you’ll say goodbye to dirty and cluttered homes.”