Have you been looking to upgrade your yard with a Children’s Playhouse? Portable buildings and storage sheds are not just for storing tools and equipment according to Rusty Jones, owner of Jones Portable Buildings in Walterboro South Carolina, they can also be transformed into an exciting and magical play space for children. There are no shortage of amazing ideas customers share about our Graceland Portable Buildings. Here are ten creative ideas from Jones Portable Buildings for converting a portable building into a children’s playhouse that will inspire the imagination and provide hours of fun.

Start by brightening up the exterior of your shed with a Fresh Coat of Paint to make it a fun children’s playhouse

Give the playhouse a fresh and inviting look by painting the exterior in bright, cheerful colors. This is a simple and easy way to make the playhouse stand out and grab the attention of children.

Add a Porch or Deck to expand the play area of the children’s playhouse

Children's Playhouse from Portable shed

A porch or deck is a great addition to the front of the playhouse, providing a comfortable and shaded area for children to sit and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a great place for a small table and chairs for snack time or tea parties.

The porch or deck can be designed to match the style and theme of the playhouse and can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, composite, or even recycled materials like pallets, which can add a rustic touch. The size of the porch or deck can vary depending on the size of the playhouse and the space available, but it should be large enough to accommodate a small table and chairs, or even a rocking chair or a bench.

The porch or deck can also be decorated with plants, flowers, or even a small garden, which will provide children with a sense of nature and can be a great way to teach them about gardening and taking care of plants. Additionally, a porch or deck can be a great place to hang a swing or a hammock, which can provide children with a relaxing and peaceful spot to read or nap.

Another great feature is that you can add a canopy or a small gazebo to the porch or deck, which will provide shade and protection from the sun, rain, and wind. This will allow children to enjoy the playhouse even on hot or rainy days, and will also provide a great place to host outdoor parties or picnics.

Overall, adding a porch or deck to the playhouse is a great way to enhance the outdoor experience for children and to provide them with a comfortable and inviting place to play and relax.

Install Windows and Shutters

Windows and shutters are a must-have in any children’s playhouse playhouse, they allow natural light to come in and give the playhouse a more realistic look. They also provide a great way for children to look out and observe their surroundings.

Add a Rooftop Play Area

A rooftop play area is a unique and exciting addition to a playhouse. It can be a great place for children to climb and play, and it can also be a great place to put a slide or a treehouse-like ladder.

Install a Kitchenette or Mini-Fridge in your children’s Playhouse

children's playhouse minifridge

A kitchenette or mini-fridge is a great addition to the children’s playhouse, it allows children to pretend to cook and serve meals to their friends and dolls. It also provides a great opportunity to teach children about healthy eating and food preparation.

Add a Chalkboard or Whiteboard

Jones Portable Buildings Children's Playhouse Chalkboard Ideas

A chalkboard or whiteboard is a great way to encourage children to practice writing and drawing. It can also be used as a message board for playdates and to display children’s artwork.

The chalkboard or whiteboard is a versatile addition to the children’s playhouse and will provide endless hours of fun and learning for children. It can be used to practice writing letters and numbers, drawing pictures, and even playing math games. Children can also use the chalkboard or whiteboard to leave messages for friends and family or to schedule playdates.

A whiteboard is also a great addition because it can be easily wiped clean, so children can start fresh with new drawings and writings. It can also be used for more advanced activities such as brainstorming sessions for a school project or a game of hangman.

Another great feature is that you can hang it in a place where it will be easy to reach for children, so they can access it without any problem. Also, you can add a shelf or a container with markers, chalk or whiteboard erasers to make it more accessible.

Overall, adding a chalkboard or whiteboard to the playhouse is a great way to encourage children to be creative, practice their writing and drawing skills, and to have fun with friends and family.

Install a Loft Bed or Bunk Bed

A loft bed or bunk bed is a great addition to the children’s playhouse, it provides a cozy and comfortable place for children to nap or sleep over with friends.

Add a Play Tunnel or Tube

Storage Shed turned inside Children's Playhouse with Slide

A play tunnel or tube is a great way to encourage children to crawl and play. It can also be a great place to hide and play hide and seek.

Install a Fan or Air Conditioning Unit

A fan or air conditioning unit is a must-have in a playhouse, especially during the summer months. It will keep the playhouse cool and comfortable for children to play in.

Add a Sound System

A sound system is a great way to add music or sound effects to the play experience. Children can play their favorite songs or listen to stories while they play.

By implementing these creative ideas, you can turn a simple storage shed from Jones Portable Buildings into a magical children’s playhouse that your children will love. With a little imagination and some basic construction skills, you can create a playhouse that will be enjoyed for years to come.