Shopping for a new vacuum cleaner in South Carolina?  When surveyed, 50 percent of vacuum owners say they aren’t happy with their current sweeper because it doesn’t meet their needs.  So how do you avoid the most common mistakes when looking to replace your old unit?  We checked in with Rusty Jones, one of South Carolina’s largest independant vacuum retailers for advice.  According to Rusty, the most common mistake is trying to pick out a vacuum cleaner on your own without expert advice or proper research.  His top recommendation is to checkout your local retail vacuum store where you’ll find a wide selection of brands, plus factory trained service technicians.  “We fix hundreds of vacuums each month, said Lord.  “With that kind of insight we can make recommendations on what vacuums to avoid.”   Helping customers choose the best vacuum cleaner for their needs takes a little more work and involves getting detailed information about a customers home, lifestyle, pets, furnishings expectations and a whole lot more.  95 percent of vacuum owners who purchased their vacuum cleaners with help from an expert claim to be happy with their purchase.  If you can’t visit Jones Vacuum Center in Walterboro South Carolina, here are a few top complaints Rusty hears from customers on a regular basis, that may just help you avoid purchasing the wrong machine for your needs:

1. Too noisy: Many people associate the best vacuum cleaner with the power of the vacuum but forget to check the noise level. Unfortunately, some vacuums can be deafeningly loud. If you live in an apartment complex, chances are your neighbors will start to complain especially if you vacuum late at night or early in the morning. Thankfully, some vacuums are near-silent. Jones Vacuum has some of the most powerful, yet quiet vacuums on the market today.  Rusty recommends checking out the new Riccar Superlite Cordless vacuum.  Lightweight, powerful and extremely quiet.

2. Not suited for allergies: If you are sensitive to dust, pollen and other common allergens, you need a vacuum cleaner that contains a HEPA filter. These filters are certified able to remove 99.97% of all particles less than 0.3 microns, which covers most of the common allergens you can think of. However, just because a vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter doesn’t mean it necessarily filters 100% of the air passing through the machine.  Some of the dustiest vacuums we’ve seen make exaggerated claims about their filtration, especially bagless vacuum cleaners.  Jones recommends the American made Riccar line of vacuums for allergy sufferers.  Riccar vacuum offers an extensive line-up of machines with and without HEPA filters that clean the exhaust air better than brands costing a lot more.

3. Too heavy:If you have a large home and you have a heavy vacuum cleaner that is cumbersome to move around, you will not be very happy. In general, it is better to get lightweight vacuums that still have decent suction.  However, depending on your particular needs, there are occasions where heavier vacuums with multiple motors for deeper cleaning are recommended.  Sometimes the trade-off is worth the extra weight and sometimes not.  When shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, always ask about a stores return policy.

4. Difficult to vacuum stairs: If you have stairs at home, a canister vacuum may be your best bet. Canister vacuums tend to be more versatile than uprights.  A long hose plus a canister that can balance or sit upright on its end makes cleaning stairs a breeze according to Jones.

5. Forces you to bend: If you have a back problem, you will want to avoid vacuums that force you to bend too much. Upright vacuums avoid this problem altogether with their design, however there are some well designed and lightweight canister vacuums that make it easy to clean under furniture and difficult to reach areas without having to bend.  Features like this need to be demonstrated in person suggests Rusty Jones, because most manufacturers don’t highlight these features on the packaging or machine instructions.

7. Not suited for carpeted or hard floors: Many of the basic vacuums may be suited for carpeted but not hard floors, or vice versa. Some people resort to buying two vacuums to deal with this problem, but there are in fact vacuums that work well on both types of floors.  This is yet another reason to visit a retail vacuum store when choosing a new vacuum.  Most specialty retail vacuum stores are set up to demonstrate vacuums on a variety of flooring types and have test dirt ranging from sand and dust to pet hair.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a town near Walterboro South Carolina where you have a specialty vacuum store, take advantage of their expertise when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.  Typically pricing will be the same or lower than you’ll find at larger retail stores and in most cases, the same or lower than internet pricing due to the fact that these stores are factory authorized and have access to manufacturers specials not available elsewhere.