It’s one of the least liked household chores, (especially if you don’t own a great vacuum from Jones Vacuum Center) but these tricks up your sleeve will make it a lot easier.

1. Rusty’s top tip to get into the tight spots 

There are spots in the house which are tough to vacuum, even with the crevice extension tool. But if you use a cardboard tube (like a toilet paper roll shown in the above picture) on the end of the vacuum, you can shape it to fit any space.Some tricks to make the chore of vacuuming a lot easier.

2. Deodorize stinky carpets

For those items that are impossible to throw in the wash (such as rugs, carpet or mattresses), sprinkle the dirty, smelly spot with bicarbonate soda. Let it sit for half an hour and then vacuum it.  Rusty recommends cleaning up the powder using a fresh vacuum cleaner bag and then disposing of it as soon as you’re done with this task.  Vacuuming up fine powder is generally not great for vacuum cleaners so use this trick sparingly.  If you’re using a bagless vacuum, either wash or change your filters when done.

3. Find lost items like jewelry and small caliber bullets.

Lost an earring? Dropped a .22 in your shag rug while reloading? Place an old pair of pantyhose on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and secure it with a rubber band. Now vacuum in the area you lost the item and the sucking powers of your Miele, Riccar or Electrolux vacuum should be able to find it according to Rusty Jones, owner of Jones Vacuum Center in South Carolina.To avoid vacuuming up a lost earring, cover the nozzle with an old stocking.

5. Clean the vacuum brush roller with ease

Hair, threads and other things can get tangled into the brush roller but there’s no need for you to spend time picking it out. Simply use a knife or seam ripper to get rid of those tangled threads.

6. Make the house smell great

Throw a perfume-sprayed tissue into the vacuum bag and it will make your house smell fresh as you vacuum. If you don’t want to waste perfume, you can throw in a used dryer sheet or visit Jones Vacuum Center in Walterboro for a nice selection of vacuum cleaner deodorizing products.

7. Make dusting easy

If you haven’t used the brush attachment then you’ve been missing out on the easiest duster ever. It can be used to dust pretty much everything such as books, lampshades, gun collections, books, and so on.

8. Cleaning under furniture

This trick works for canister vacuum cleaners if you’re sick of crawling on your hands and knees to vacuum under furniture? Simply fix the hose in the opposite direction you usually put it on. Hold the hose and guide the vacuum under the beds and sofas.The easiest way to reach under furniture.