Steel buildings are a great choice for many businesses and homeowners. They’re strong, durable, and cost-effective, but do you know what makes them so great? Here are 5 reasons steel buildings are better than wood buildings according to Rusty Jones, owner of Jones Portable Buildings at 773 N Jefferies Blvd in Walterboro South Carolina:

Steel Buildings Cost Less the Bigger They Are

Strange but true, the larger the building, the more cost-effective steel becomes over wood. As the size of your project increases, so does its cost savings. For instance, if you were to build an 18,000-square-foot commercial building using metal instead of wood as your material of choice (which is less expensive), then your budget would be slashed by more than half according to Jones!

You don’t have to look any further than these five reasons to know why steel buildings are more cost-effective than wood ones:

Steel Buildings Buildings are Available in Kits

When you purchase a metal building, it is available in kit form. This means that the steel structure arrives on site in pre-engineered and pre-cut pieces, which makes installation much easier.

Steel buildings can be shipped flat or bundled together, allowing for easy storage and transportation. To assemble a steel building, you simply need to secure the I-beams to the MSS (metal stud) with screws and then connect them together with bolts or nuts. If you played with an erector set as a child, then you’re highly qualified to assemble your steel building.

Unlike wood or other material structures, steel buildings do not require any special tools during assembly; all you need is an electric drill and screwdriver!

Steel Buildings Buildings Take Less Time to Build

DIY Steel Building

Steel buildings are quicker to build than wood. While it is possible to build a wooden structure in the same time frame as a steel one, it’s not typical. Wood construction takes longer because you need to wait for the wood to dry before you can move on to another part of the project. It also requires more complex storage space and tools during construction because of its weight and size. Steel structures can be built faster so that they’re ready sooner for occupancy than wood buildings, which means less money spent on waiting around for things to finish up before finishing up yourself!

Metal Buildings Require Less Maintenance

Metal buildings are durable and long-lasting. They’re also easy to clean, which makes them less likely to accumulate dirt and grime. This means fewer cleaning costs for you.

Metal buildings don’t require a lot of maintenance because they don’t rot or decay like wood does over time. You won’t have to replace your steel structure as often as you would a wood structure, saving you thousands of dollars each year in repairs and replacements!

And finally, metal buildings are fire resistant—which means that if there is an emergency situation at your business, such as an electrical fire or gas explosion (both common occurrences), the chances of damage will be significantly decreased by having a sturdy steel structure instead of one made from flammable materials like wood or concrete block walls

A good choice of material for a building project is steel.

If you are looking to build a structure, steel is one of the best materials for this. That’s because it’s strong and durable, fire resistant, energy efficient, recyclable, and reusable. In addition to these qualities that make it a good choice for building projects in general, there are other reasons why steel is preferable over wood. Let’s take a look at five reasons why steel buildings are more cost-effective than wood buildings:


Steel is a great material to use when building a structure. The cost of metal buildings is less than traditional wood structures. They are also easier to ship and can be assembled quickly because they come in kits with all the parts needed for assembly included. There is no need to worry about maintenance or upkeep as steel buildings last much longer than wood ones.

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