The gardening shed is a classic home accessory. Jones Portable Buildings in Walterboro South Carolina points out that for many years, it was the go-to place for storing your tools and garden equipment. But recently, it’s undergone a transformation. Today’s shed owners are finding more uses than ever before for their new structures—from quiet retreats and winter plant protection to outdoor retreats and storage solutions for extra tools. In this article, Rusty Jones of Jones Portable Buildings sheds light on the new boom in the Portable Building Business: Gardening Sheds.

Outdoor Retreat

A gardening shed can be used as a quiet escape to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life according to Jones and has been a sales catalyst as of late. For example, you could use your garden shed to store tools, equipment, gardening supplies and outdoor furniture such as chairs, tables and loungers. You could also store sporting equipment such as bicycles or kayaks in your garden shed. Bike storage has been really big this season especially toward the coastal regions of The Low Country.

Garden Tool Storage

You can store tools in the garden shed, to help keep them from rusting when exposed to the elements.

If you’re a gardener who needs to keep things organized, then a garden shed will be perfect for storing your tools. Having everything in one place makes it easy to find what you need. Similar to how we store other items around our house (i.e., shoes), we want our gardening tools easy to locate and accessible when needed so that we don’t have wasted time looking for them later on down the road when they could be used instead of being buried behind piles of other items that are cluttering up space and making life difficult!

Winter Plant Protection

Now that we’re seeing cooler weather approaching…

  • Protect plants from frost.
  • Keep plants warm in winter.
  • Can be used to keep plants warm in summer.
  • Can be used to keep plants cool in summer.

Quiet Escape

A garden shed is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a place where you can unwind, relax, and enjoy nature. There are many uses for a garden shed:

  • A quiet escape – You can go there to get away from your busy schedule and just read a book or play games.
  • A haven for enjoying nature – The open space allows you to feel closer to nature by allowing more light into your home.
  • And, Mr. Jones Chuckles at this, but he and his buddies turned one of their wife’s garden sheds into an old fashioned boys hangout and saloon, afterhours.

Different people can get different uses from the same shed.

You may be thinking you don’t have any use for a shed in your backyard, but think again! Sheds are great for all sorts of things. One person might use it as a quiet escape from their busy home, while another might use it as a plant protection shelter during winter. Others have turned shed’s into after-hours neighborhood drinking and gathering spots for the guys. Maybe you just want somewhere to store your gardening tools? No matter what the reason is that you’d like to purchase an outdoor storage building—or even if you already have one and want more information on how best to maximize its potential—there’s something here for everyone according to Rusty at Jones Portable Buildings and Sheds in Walterboro South Carolina.


You can see that there are many reasons why a garden shed is a perfect addition to any home. Whether you need extra storage space, or a quiet place to read on a rainy day, these versatile structures will provide exactly what you need. If you’re still not convinced about getting one for yourself, then perhaps consider buying one for your kids instead! Who knows? Maybe this will be their next favorite spot in the house! And Jones Portable Buildings makes ownership a breeze with guaranteed financing and Free Setup and Delivery. This may be the perfect gift this season for they husband OR wife who has everthing.