With some imagination, you can design and unique customized storage shed solution that accents your home’s design.  Sheds and portable buildings like the ones available at Jones Vacuum Center in Walterboro, South Carolina free your home from mess and clutter by allowing you to store all those extra and unused household items.

With a little conversation, Rusty Jones, Owner of Jones Vacuum & Sheds can help you pick out the perfect shed for your needs and your budget.  According to Jones, they even have an easy finance solution available through Graceland Sheds, the largest portable building manufacturer in South Carolina.

“Storage sheds, while utilitarian in nature, don’t have to have the appearance of such. Our storage sheds can be a structure to add character or a focal point to your landscape”, says Jones.  You can have one of our many popular Graceland portable buildings delivered and with a little time and creativity have a totally customized shed that compliments your property.

Don’t confine yourself to any particular style, as there are a ton of beautiful and creative designs to choose from with options like ramps, lighting and other upgrades that are all on display at Jones Vacuum Center conveniently located at  773 N Jefferies Blvd, Walterboro, SC 29488.

The thought process of what you actually intend to put in your storage shed is one of the most important. Thinking about this ahead of time will save any disappointments later. If the storage shed is too small, this will lead to cluttering and frustration.  With years of experience in the portable building business, Rusty Jones can help direct you to the perfect size shed for your needs.

Don’t forget about shelving and overhead storage space. Many sheds come with the option of loft type storage that will make the most of your space. Is the size you’re thinking of going to work for what you need? If not, think bigger in size until it does.

Security can also be a concern if you’re going to be storing valuables in your storage shed. Make sure you select appropriate doors and windows. Locking windows and doors make things far more secure as does lighting, allowing motion detection.

For more information on storage shed selection and styles, call Rusty Jones at (843) 549-0107.