Hide-A-Hose takes central vacuums to the €œnext generation€ of technology.

Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum, Jones Vacuum, Walterboro South Carolina€”Out with the old, in with the new. It’€™s a harsh reality in the world of technology. And if you think vacuum cleaners aren’€™t €œtechie€, think again. Hide-A-Hose’€™s central vacuum system with its retractable hose technology is taking the industry in an entirely new direction according to Rusty Jones of Jones Vacuum Center of Walterboro South Carolina.

Unlike many technological innovations made to free up our time, but do quite the opposite, Hide-A-Hose is a great timesaver. With the old technology central vacuums, the hose must be carried from inlet to inlet, down hallways, room to room, and up and down stairs. The hose must be manually connected and disconnected and finally stored away in a closet where it takes up precious storage space.

We’ve seen a resurgence in our Central Vacuum business because of the Hide-A-Hose System.  Most central vacuum customers when asked, will say that they love all the benefits of a central vacuum system, however their one big complaint is hose-management.  Having to store and retrieve a 30 foot cumbersome hose makes you think twice about vacuuming with a traditional built-in vacuum  system.  The Hide-A-Hose changes this dramatically with a hose that is lighter weight, crushproof and automatically retracts back into the outlet when you’re done vacuuming.

This new technology from Hide-A-Hose and available through Jones Vacuum throughout the low country of South Carolina has ushered in the next generation of central vacuums that feature ease of installation and ease of use. Each dedicated, retractable hose is self-contained within the Hide-A-Hose patented SmartTube system that’€™s hidden out of sight behind the wall, in the attic or a crawl space. Simply pull out the length of hose needed, connect the cleaning tool and begin vacuuming. When finished, detach the cleaning tool and let the suction from the central vacuum unit retract the hose back into the wall, out of sight.

The retractable hose length is customized according to the size of the area and can cover up to 3,000 square feet of floor. The longer hose, €”up to 60 feet €”means fewer inlets for simpler installation, easier vacuuming, and faster cleanup.   A free consultation with Rusty Jones, owner of Jones Vacuum Center will help you determine how many outlets you’ll need for your home

About Hide-A-Hose

Hide-A-Hose, Inc. has been manufacturing the world’s leading retractable central vacuum hose since 2003. With a network of over 300 dealers, Hide-A-Hose can be found in thousands of homes throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad. Hide-A-Hose can be installed in new construction homes as well as retrofitted in existing homes. The company is located in Monroe, WA, just north of Seattle and is proud to have partnered with the leading central vacuum installation service in South Carolina, Jones Vacuum Center of Walterboro, serving all of Charleston, Beaufort, Walterboro, Hilton Head, Bluffton, Summerville, Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas.