Building a garage vs. Buying a Metal Carport

With the economy coming back to life, many South Carolina Residents are considering upgrading and adding on to their homes once again.  One of the more popular additions in South Carolina’s Low Country is building a garage or carport.  This can be a rewarding, but costly upgrade so there are a lot of factors to consider.  According to Rusty Jones, owner of Jones Vacuum Center located in Walterboro South Carolina, “The decision between buying a carport and building a garage often comes down to the financial circumstances of the buyer.”  As the customization and general level of quality have increased over time, the decision to buy a metal carport instead of a garage has become much easier. In fact, the carports of today can do just about anything a garage can do at a fraction of the cost.
Traditional carport uses include providing protection for cars, snowmobiles, RV’s motorcycles, etc. The knock on metal carports was that they looked like carports but that has changed as these structures can now be constructed to match or complement the home of the buyer.

In areas where severe weather conditions are common, carports can be certified by engineers to ascertain their weight bearing capabilities as well as their ability to withstand high winds. These certifications can give buyers the peace of mind in knowing that their structure will be able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Metal carports offer a wide variety of customization options which can give them all the functionality of a traditional garage with greater flexibility. These carports can be built to incorporate storage, office/work space, play areas, etc. The flexibility comes with the fact that a carport can easily be expanded to offer more space, a feat not easily accomplished with a traditional garage.

The great thing is that a metal carport can offer all these benefits at a much lower cost than a traditional garage. Combine that with a much faster installation and buying a metal carport makes a lot of sense.

For more information and helpful insights visit Jones Vacuum Center in Walterboro or check out their full line of Eagle Carports online.