Graceland Portable Buildings Rent-to-Own Plans

Graceland’s Rent To Own programs are popular alternatives to commercial storage units in Walterboro SC.  According to Rusty Jones of Jones Vacuum Center in Walterboro, “the price paid per square foot of storage space is competitive with self-storage rates.”  With the quality and best in-the-industry warranty from Graceland and Jones, this is the best value when you need extra storage and you have the added benefit that its close to home.  If you need to store something, you’re not driving across town and back when you have your own storage unit on your property.  The sheer convenience is enough to convince most of Rusty’s customers once they hear how easy it is to rent to own your own portable building.

Portable Buildings - Portable Barn Building and another Happy Customer of Jones Vacuum Store

Portable Buildings – Ownership with No Down Payment & No Credit Checks

With No Credit and No Down Payment Required, owning your own Graceland Portable Building is simple. You just pay your first two month’s rental payments, which are based on the price of the model and size you select. Jones and his staff arrange for the building to be delivered to your home or business, exactly where you want it. The location you select must be accessible at all times by a truck and trailer for delivery and during your Rental Contract. After 36 on-time payments, you will own your unit and will receive a Certificate of Ownership. Pay it off at any time without penalty.

We also offer a 60 month Lease To Own with $0 down with just your 1st three payments due at signing, on all our buildings that sell for $6,000.00 and up.

Rent To Own Portable Buildings is a Smart Choice

Rent to own is a smart choice for so many circumstances. You are not required to keep the building if your building becomes a financial burden, or for any reason you no longer need the building. Simply give Graceland Properties a call, and they will promptly pick the building up. Your credit will remain safe and sound. Short-term rentals for two months and up are also available at our lowest rental fee.

Graceland’s portable buildings delivery fleet operates with custom-built drop-back trailers and uses a portable hydraulic Mule to place the building in the most desired position. There must be clear access to the delivery location, and the lot should be no more than 30″ out of level. Graceland guarantees the building to be set up and tied down properly to ensure your total approval.

When you’re looking for the best Portable Building for your storage needs in Walterboro SC and surrounding areas, say hello to Rusty Jones – Goodbye Cluttered Homes.

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