We get asked this question a lot a Jones Vacuum Center of Walterboro South Carolina.

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How can you tell when it’s time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner rather than get yours fixed. Is it when it stops cleaning properly? When you just don’t like it anymore? Would buying a new vacuum cleaner make housekeeping less of a chore?
When asked, a lot of housekeepers list vacuuming as one of their least favorite cleaning chores. However if you ask did you enjoy using your vacuum cleaner when it was brand new, a majority of those questioned responded enthusiastically. It seems using a brand new vacuum gives everyone a sense of accomplishment, as if you’re doing the very best job you can do and seeing a clean carpet or floor is reward enough.
If you listen to vacuum cleaner commercials, their solution to vacuums that loose suction over time is to run out an purchase a brand new one. At Jones Vacuum Center we have a better solution. Rusty Jone and the crew at Jones Vacuum can make your cleaner perform like new again for a fraction of the price you would be spending for a new one. Even the best and most expensive vacuum cleaners need some tender loving care from the professionals once in a while. It’s not enough to simply empty the bag or bin and change the filters and belt. This is a good start, however there are internal working parts that never get cleaned by basic routine maintenance that a housekeeper is able to gain access to. This is why most manufacturers recommend a professional tune-up every couple of years to keep your machine running like new.
Deep in the recesses of your vacuum cleaner, places that you’ll never be able to reach, dust and filth accumulate, zapping your vacuum of its maximum cleaning potential like when it was brand new. The professionals at Jones Vacuum Center  are factory trained to restore your vacuum like new again. We provide FREE estimates on all work performed and everything is guaranteed. And if Rusty thinks your vacuum is beyond repair, he’ll offer you a trade-in value, unlike the Big-Box and Discount Stores. With Jones Vacuum Center you’ll never spend more. You have a better selection of new vacuum cleaners with the latest technology and options. You get expert advice and insights from people who know vacuum cleaners better than anyone else. It’s our job, it’s our passion, it’s our pleasure to make the chore of cleaning your home a better experience for your and your family. Visit us in Walterboro today for a FREE check-up and evaluation of your vacuum cleaner today and while you may not love pushing around your vacuum cleaner to maintain your carpets and hard floors, you’ll get that feeling of satisfaction that you’re doing the very best you can do while cleaning your family’s home.
Is it time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner? Maybe yes! Maybe no! Stop by Jones Vacuum Center and let the Rusty and his vacuum cleaner experts help you decide.